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Vital Heynen | I made the players having fun | First Tempo Podcast

Vital Heynen | I made the players having fun | First Tempo Podcast

🎥🎙🏐 As a world champion with 🇵🇱 Poland in 2018 🇧🇪 Vital Heynen  doesn't need any introduction at all. Passionate, sometimes even a bit  mad, with a great sense of humor, he is one of the best interlocutors a  podcast can feature. Enjoy!🔥  ✅ Will he carry on being a head coach of Poland in 2021?  ✅ "I made the players having fun" - basis for success;  ✅ "Yes, we can learn a lot from defeats";   ✅ The emotional side of volleyball;  ✅ How to improve the video challenge system?  ✅ How many languages does Vital Heynen speak?  Follow us in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volleyballexplained  Follow us in Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/volleyballexplained  Support us in Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/volleyballexplained All earnings will be re-invested in the channel's production. Heynen started out his career as a volleyball coach in his hometown club  Noliko Maaseik. In 2005 he became assistant coach and a year later - a  head coach. During his six-year work at the club, his team won four  Belgian Championships, five Belgian Cups and four Supercups.  Additionally Heynen was twice named Belgian Coach of the Year in 2009  and 2011. In 2012 he left his hometown club and joined Turkish club  Ziraat Bankası Ankara, which he coached in the season 2012/2013. In  December 2013 he was named a new coach of Transfer Bydgoszcz, PlusLiga.  In February 2012 he became a head coach of Germany national team. At the  World Championship 2014 his team beat France in 3rd place match and won  bronze medal. In 2017 he took over Belgian national team. On 7 February  2018 Heynen was chosen as the new head coach of Poland men's national  volleyball team. At the World Championship 2018 in Italy, Poland led by  Heynen beat Brazil in the final, defended the World Championship 2014  title, and achieved 3rd World Champion title in total. In 2019 Heynen  coached Poland to the European Championship 2019 bronze medal by beating  France in 3rd place match and losing only to Slovenia in the semifinal.  At the FIVB World Cup 2019 his team lost only against USA and Brazil  and eventually was placed 2nd in the competition, winning the silver  medal. In November, 2019 he became a head coach of Sir Safety Conad  Perugia. In the season 2019/2020 Sir Safety Conad Perugia coached by  Heynen achieved the Italian SuperCup after defeating Modena Volley in  the final.

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