Di Westaway

Di Westaway

Di Westaway is one of the wildest women I know, but 18 years ago, she nearly lost it.She was a tired, wrung-out working mother-of-three fighting forty. Out of the blue, her friend’s personal trainer invited her to climb an extreme mountain in Argentina. She took the leap, and it completely transformed her life.“I chose this wild adventure to escape my miserable life. I hoped it would get me fit and happy again. But little did I know it would transform my life,” Di says.“I failed to reach the top of Mt Aconcagua on that first adventure, but I learned how to manage stress and turn obstacles into opportunities, as well as how to wee into a zip-lock bag, among other, similarly important, survival skills.”Fast forward to 2017, Di is a world-record holder and CEO of a social enterprise that has raised nearly $20 million for charity. Her Wild Women On Top movement has transformed the lives of millions around the world. Di inspires and empowers women to get outdoors, experience nature and improve their mental and physical health through shared hiking adventures. Coastrek, also founded by Di, has inspired nearly 25,000 trekkers, mostly women, and raised nearly $20m for The Fred Hollows Foundation.Support the show (https://www.womanhoodstories.com)

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