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Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release

Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release

Our planet being almost on the verge of experiencing its sixth major mass extinction, the most recent one recorded to be 65 million years ago taking out the dinosaurs, it is now more than important for us humans to conserve our nature and natural resources as much as we can. If extinction is a natural process that goes on even in the absence of humans, why should we stop it?One answer is that species are now going extinct far faster than they used to. The extinction rate has increased a hundredfold over the last century, and we seem to be to blame. What can be done is saving and spreading awareness about the conservation of our critically endangered species.Today, our host will walk you through wildlife rescue which not only helps to save the injured or orphaned animal with minimum survival rate in the wild and extending their life but also how can that be helpful in conservation. Host:Muskan Fakir Content Writer:Vanishree Naik Get in touch with us! We would love to hear reviews and feedbacks from you!Instagram: Make sure you share our videos and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay updated! If you like our content please do support us on Patreon! Thank You!

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