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04-One Day One Step

04-One Day One Step

*Original Air Date 1/25/17* You chose it Vixens! Netflix's new comedy series One Day at a Time is the topic of Vocalized episode 2. A four part mini-series where you pick the genre and I pick it apart...nicely. ODAAT features tales of a multi-generational Cuban family that tickle the funny bone. There are 13 episodes to discuss and a long way to go but we'll get there if we take it one day...and one step...at a time. ABOUT THE PODCAST Vocal Vixens gives Women of Color characters on TV, the spotlight they deserve. Join host Karis Watie as she discusses everything WoC related and gets input from listeners live on air. HIGHLIGHT LINKS ODAAT's IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5339440/ LIVE RECORDINGS EVERY WEDNESDAY mixlr.com/vocal-vixens FOLLOW @vocalvixens on Twitter @kn_watie on Twitter vocalvixens on Tumblr vocal-vixens on Mixlr thevocalvixens on Instagram How did you like this episode? Subscribe, Comment, Rate & Review on iTunes!!

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