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Book of Hebrews Son of God Jesus Christ Pt1 @warnradio Sound the Shofar

Book of Hebrews Son of God Jesus Christ Pt1 @warnradio Sound the Shofar

In a new end time study packed with relevancy, scripture, and excitement we move into the Book of Hebrews Son of God part one. This week we will be looking at the setup of the book and moving into the deeper parts as we go forward. The word Hebrews sets up the direct line of the Messiah, the goal of his coming, and the assurance of his work as compared to the completion of the old covenant. While we look at some technical aspects and makeup of Hebrews, the real message centers around Yeshua, Jesus Christ and his work to redeem mankind. Here let it be noticed and understood, Israel is not left out. Join us as we delve into the book of redemption called Hebrews and the finer deeper points of that completion. Listen to this Show now! Share this post! Son of God Jesus Christ who according to the will of the #Father and our Great God came into this world at an appointed time. In the past, God had spoken to the #prophets and by the hand of direct revelation from the #Lord, guided #Israel.  Being birthed through the promises given to #Abram, later #Abraham saw the birth of Isaac to whom the promise would flow. In these #Lastdays, the fulfillment of what God was doing through the #Messiah has come to pass bringing #redemption to the #Gentiles and the #Jews. In this we move forward in this new study in #Hebrews which will look at many #biblical aspects of the work of this great #God and our #Savior #JesusChrist the #SonofGod. Go more info

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