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Book of Hebrews Son of God Great Salvation Pt2 @warnradio on Sound the Shofar

Book of Hebrews Son of God Great Salvation Pt2 @warnradio on Sound the Shofar

Great Salvation within the Book of Hebrews brings the Son of God into the light in Part two. It is here we look at the beginning of the proof of the Messiah's arrival to the Hebrews living abroad within the Roman Empire. There is no doubt many were looking for the deliverer of Israel, yet many Jews did not fully understand the work of God within the scope of redemption and the salvation wrought by our Lord through the atonement on the cross. It is here that Hebrews discusses and looks at the various aspects all aimed in comforting, confirming, and convincing Hebrews of the veracity of the witness and testimony of Yeshua, Jesus Christ. Listen to this Show now! Share this post! Great Salvation is within the reach of any reader in the beginning this chapter two. In fact, the writer of #Hebrews warns that everyone would be well served to take "earnest heed' of those things given by the Lord and the Apostles. Here it is accompanied by the reminder of the word spoken by #angels were steadfast. As well a firm reminder that every #sin and #disobedience is given a just #recompence. It is relevant then that the reader should not neglect so #Great #Salvation. The truth of the message is in the fact of the #signs, #miracles, and visual experiences everyone saw as #God confirmed to the #Apostles. Here along with the gifts of the Holy Ghost the supernatural evidence and the physical work of the #Messiah #JesusChrist was firm and completed. Go more info

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