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The Gargyle Podcast Christmas Spect-adequate 2018 - part 2

The Gargyle Podcast Christmas Spect-adequate 2018 - part 2

Having not found the true meaning of the end of part 1, The Chimerican and I used The Gargyle Signal to call upon the friends of The Gargyle to aide us in our quest!!  And now, in the acceptable conclusion to The Gargyle Podcast's Christmas Spect-adequate, join me, The Chimerican, and the friends of The Gargyle as we find the true meaning of Christmas...movies!!   Since so many friends answered our call for help so much more than expected, part two of the Christmas Spect-adequate kind of ended up being a little ridiculously long.  So, to help out a bit, you can find the start times of each of the segments (along with the special guest for the segment) below: We start things off with (mostly) traditional Christmas movies, with Graham Skipper Christmas horror discussion, including debate of best version of A Christmas Carol - 32:41 Season's Greetings, from Gwilliam - 1:25:39 Non-traditional Christmas movies, with Kevin and Jen Sluder - 1:26:59 Last minute gift recommendations for the cinephile in your life - 2:06:43 Christmas-adjacent movies, with Matt Mercer - 2:17:36 Anthony Cousins' holiday favorites - 2:34:27 Black Christmas review, with Eric Pennycoff - 2:36:32 Movies that are not Christmas movies, but can still totally be watched during the Christmas season, with Jay Kay - 3:25:01 ‘Twas Ripe Before Crispmas: A Happy Hollandaise poem from Fried Pickle Noir by J.R. Mounts - 4:06:18 "What if?" segments (including what movies we'd like to see Christmas specials of, and 'Beginning, Middle, End') and closing thoughts - 4:12:14 If you enjoy this episode, be sure to check back soon for more cinematic reviews, analyses, and discussions on The Gargyle Podcast - where geekery abounds!! music from

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