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SEM On Google VS Social Marketing On Facebook

SEM On Google VS Social Marketing On Facebook

In this episode we are joined by Web Marketers Joshua Schneiderman, and Bailey Lubben, to discuss the differences between marketing efforts on Facebook and search engine marketing on Google. There are many types of goals that a business may have for their marketing efforts. Goals such as brand awareness, post engagements, direct sales, business leads, etc. Many of our clients wonder whether they should be using Facebook for marketing or if they should be advertising on Google. Both are very different platforms and generally serve different purposes.On Facebook there are some tactics that are free and there are some that will cost money. The important thing with social media is that you stay active and engage with your audience. One of the best ways to engage with your audience for free is to create posts that interest your followers and allows them to communicate with you. This is a great way to maintain customers and keep them coming back to you for their HME needs. These posts can also be boosted by any amount of money that fits your budget. Boosting a post will allow you to more aggressively show up on the timeline of your followers or even users that fall into your targeted demographic that may not know your business. This is a great way to pay to get your brand in front of social media users and create new followers and/or customers. You can also create paid social media ads that also allow you to reach new customers and create more brand awareness, drive site traffic and potentially generate sales. While Facebook is a great platform to get in front of your audience, advertising on the Google search network serves a very different purpose.Advertising on the Google search network is typically much more direct in contributing to the sales and leads for your business. When someone is searching on Google for a solution that your business can provide, you want to make sure that you are serving an advertisement that can help them find you when they need you. Your advertisement will take them to the appropriate page of your website that meets the needs of what they are searching for. Facebook does a good job of getting ads in front of users that meets certain targeting criteria, but on Google, your ads are serving to users specifically when they are asking for the help that your business can provide.When working with the web marketing team at VGM Forbin we will work with you to piece together the right strategies that align with your goals and your budget. If you are interested in Forbin’s web marketing solutions or other services and products, visit our website at

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