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Forbin's Powerweb: The Healthcare Business Website Platform

Forbin's Powerweb: The Healthcare Business Website Platform

In today’s digital marketplace, it’s not enough to simply have a website. If you’re looking to drive sales and help your customers, your business’s website needs to be user-friendly on desktop and mobile, and users need to be able to find it easily when searching online. That’s where having a user-friendly website that’s optimized for search engine rankings is going to put you a step above the competition. As a business owner, you’re going to want a website that’s easy to update while looking sleek and meeting HIPAA compliance regulations. We get it. That’s why VGM Forbin designed our own website platform for the healthcare industry called PowerWeb.You often see advertisements for website builders that claim you can get your website up and running in less than a day for very cheap if not free. When your business is relying on something as important as your website it’s important to focus on how it will meet your business goals more than how fast the project is completed. A good website takes time to design and takes several areas of expertise to build a finished product that works effectively for your business. Today we will be discussing what you should look for in a website platform and how that will help you meet your business goals.What functions should every healthcare site have?User friendly and easy to use for people of all ages and abilitiesWCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance, so that people with disabilities, for example those who use an e-reader, can feel confident and able to access the websiteHIPAA compliance - to be secure and private so medical professionals can communicate with their customers in a safe environmentBe designed and written with healthcare customers and best website practices in mindHow does Powerweb meet those functions? All of our websites are built by experts to be mobile responsive user friendly and able to be accessed from every browser.They are built with WCAG in mind, which means they feature text resizer and the design elements that have the proper font and contrast to ensure the website is readable.We also write alternative text on links and photo to help those with e readers know what they would be clicking on or viewingOur websites are built securely and we have our own custom Content Management System called the VPanel, where our clients can view form submissions (careers, contact, etc.) from their customers in a stable, HIPAA-compliant environment. In contrast to an email, which can be hacked and infiltrated more easily.Our healthcare websites are designed by our team of experts for customers to find the information they need straightforwardly and easily, while also having content that is still warm and not too much jargon or hard to understand.

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