Verbal Assault

290. Grotes Oats

290. Grotes Oats

Used car dealer finds a woman masterbating in the backseat of a jeep in the car lot. Blue Origin flew Captain Kirk (aka William Shatner) above the Carmen Line. We watch the super soldiers of North Korea. Kid wants to remove the slaughtering of fire fighters from the new Halloween movie. Keagull made a shirt that you can see for yourself and possibly get one in the future. Here’s the link ( Leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or Soundcloud. Share us on Facebook (, Twitter (@_verbalassault_) and if you really want to show your love support us via Patreon ( for $1.00 an episode. We would love to hear from you on Google Voice (865-316-6955.) We are now on Rumble:

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