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Inventing The Future & Library Socialism w/ Srsly Wrong

Inventing The Future & Library Socialism w/ Srsly Wrong

I'm joined by fellow utopians Aaron and Shawn from the utopian comedy podcast Srsly Wrong. We talk about the valuable critique and strategies laid out in Inventing the Future, a book arguing for a postcapitalist world without work, and delve into the intricacies of Aaron and Shawn's own utopian vision: Library Socialism. Utopian Horizons is a podcast about utopia. Each episode covers a different utopia, dystopia, utopian thinker, or utopian movement, asking what they can tell us about ourselves, our society, and our future. Twitter: @utopianhorizons email: utopianhorizonspod [at] gmail dot com Support the podcast: patreon.com/utopianhorizons Music: The Fiction of Utopian Studies/The Road To Oceania by The Fucked Up Beat.

Duration: 1 hr 42 min

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