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Have you ever been to a theatre show, and wondered

Have you ever been to a theatre show, and wondered "how do they do that?!" Well this podcast aims to educate you in the different jobs that help made a live production sparkle! This is Unseen Theatrics, and is all about Sharing Education of live theatre. A behind the scenes look into the different roles of a variety of jobs in theatre, chatting with industry professionals, who share their tips and tricks, fun stories, experiences, and what they have learnt along the way.  This is Unseen Theatrics, Sharing education of live theatre.

Episodes: 15


S1 E14 Production Manager

Duration: 1 hr 4 min

S1 E13 Follow Spot Operator

Duration: 50 min

S1 E12 Dresser

Duration: 49 min

S1 E11 Monitor Engineer

Duration: 58 min

S1 E10 Re Lighter

Duration: 57 min

S1 E9 Set Designer

Duration: 40 min

S1 E8 Production Coordinator

Duration: 51 min

S1 E7 Composer

Duration: 54 min

S1 E6 Vision Switcher

Duration: 52 min

S1 E5 Front of House Audio Engineer

Duration: 55 min

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