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#94 Sex, Energy, & Freedom with Tantra Love Coach Justin Gottlieb

#94 Sex, Energy, & Freedom with Tantra Love Coach Justin Gottlieb

Justin Gottlieb left the comfort of his high paying Finance job in NYC to become the founder of Tantra Love Coach is a Tantric Practitioner and Educator based out of Miami, Florida. He supports people in healing from past trauma and heartache and clearing energy blockages, sexual dysfunctions, and addictions so they can live an exceptional life filled with limitless pleasure.  In this episode we breakdown the secrets to: How Justin overcame his fears around leaving his "perfect" finance job in NYC to become a Tantra Love Coach What Tantra really means and why it matters The differences between masculine and feminine energy How to become successful at your passion, even if it's considered "taboo"  Want to start or grow your business? After interviewing over 100 successful entrepreneurs worth over $5 Billion, I compiled a FREE A-Z list called the Startup to Success Blueprint Get it here at Connect with Justin Gottlieb! Get a FREE 20 minute coaching session with Justin! Call 908-208-4879 Connect with Corey Corpodian! Email: Checkout Corey's book ▶ Subscribe to the Podcast at

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