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Episode 106: 3 Ways to Make Journalling a Worthy Exercise

Episode 106: 3 Ways to Make Journalling a Worthy Exercise

Journaling is one of many strategies for channeling your energy and helping you to manifest your dreams. Emily Chadbourne, a mindset coach, debunks common misconceptions about journaling and explains how it can genuinely help you capture moments of overwhelming emotions, fears, and growth. Journaling allows you to tap into your manifestation energy and create a life-changing moment.   In this video, you’ll learn about: What are the misconceptions around journaling and why you need to unlearn them How journaling guided Em in her journey of manifestation Identify beliefs that no longer serve you, and transform your life in 3 ways through journalling    Join the WAITLIST for AMPLIFY here: https://www.unashamedlyhuman.co/amplify-waitlist    Get the Amplify: The Manifesting Bundle here.   Sign up to Em's Fri-yay emails here: https://www.unashamedlyhuman.co/fri-yay-emails   Follow Em on the gram: https://www.instagram.com/unashamedlyemily/ 

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