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Discipline as a road to peace

Discipline as a road to peace

Ever looked at some people and wondered, "how are you not losing your shit when the world around us has gone to shit?" Well the answer is, discipline. When I think about how I maintain trust and faith that it will all be okay, I attribute it to discipline (note that doesn't mean I don't have big feelings like fear and doubt and anxiety. I just don't let them become a problem for me). When I think about how I manage my health; how I have such excellent friendships; how I have built such a phenomenal business - it all comes back to discipline. In today's episode I talk you through 3 areas of life where discipline is a MUST if you want to manifest your desires and keep faith in these uncertain times. Enjoy the episode and please, if you love it SHARE it (share from Spotify to your Insat story and tag me emily_thatcrazythingcalledlife); take a screenshot and use the hashtag #unashamedlyhuman; rate and review on iTunes and basically tell everyone you meet (virtually, of course) about it. K thanks bye! Em x Also, here are other things I want to bring your attention to... I am LIVE EVERY MORNING at 7.30am for the foreseeable future in my FREE Facebook group, That Crazy Thing Called Life. I am there to help you with your mindset in this uncertain time. I am there to help you if you're feeling lonely or scared or weirded out. Every day I'm sharing mindset tips, meditations, breathing exercises and a whole heap of other things. You are not in this alone. Join here --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/TCTCLife/ WAKE UP WITH EM! Join here http://www.emilychadbourne.com/wakeup/ Follow me on Insta emily_thatcrazythingcalledlife Want to know more about how I help women change their lives and manifest different results? Head here for TWO trainings which you CAN NOT pay me more than $97 for and if you really want, you can have for FREE! http://www.emilychadbourne.com/tctcl-course/ Email info@emilychadbourne.com

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