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S1 EP 15: Woke & Cancel Culture

S1 EP 15: Woke & Cancel Culture

⚠️: No explicit or graphic mentions are made, but we do talk about and around situations of transphobia, racism, sexism and sexual assault. Everyone should get woke—BUT, ‘woke’ often gets convoluted with ‘cancel’, resulting in of people and situations being painted with a sweeping brush. In this EP, we discuss the overwhelming need for greater sensitivity to those who have been hurt by power and privilege, but also the difference between demanding accountability and cancelling someone simplistically. We talk what is means to move the needle forward—how social justice advocates and social scientists alike are finding that guilt and accountability motivates transformation, while shaming and bullying sets back social justice instead of moving change forward. The intricacies of free speech come up again—that racist and sexist comments ARE NOT free speech, just plain wrong. And C shares her frustration with three types of people who claim “I’m being cancelled”, that it’s often a cover for pride, fragility and laziness. We revisit why anonymous posting, why it’s need but also how the lack of ethics behind our desire for attention on social media can corrupt good tools. Who are the real victims? Are there too many jumping on the cancel bandwagon because it’s trendy? And is there only one correct way of being ‘woke’ and playing our part? Ra.Bbit. Hole? Yep. —   Follow us on Instagram: @uncommonhumanity Watch us on: Check out: — Support this podcast: —> When indicating Type of Donation, fill in “UCH” or “UnCommon Humanity” —> Or hit us up at !

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