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S1 EP 14: Count on Me SG, Dressing & Birth Order

S1 EP 14: Count on Me SG, Dressing & Birth Order

⚠️ WARNING: In segment two, we discuss mature themes— sex, pornography and predatory behaviour [time stamp 23:11 - 43:53]. This week, 3 random topic suggestions from UCH listeners and our TEVO team! First, the plagiarism of our beloved national song Count On Me, Singapore 🇸🇬! We talk credit where credit is due, diversifying the voices we learn from and highlight, mansplaining, and how women need to own their ideas. Second [23:11 - 43:53], a recent hot topic—does how we dress ‘tempt’ another person? Is there a difference between attraction, sexual desire and lust? What does becoming desensitised to media and pornography mean for our sexual lives and relationships? And briefly, the necessity for better trigger warnings. Third, Alfred Alder’s Birth Order Theory— true or not true or how true? Listen with your siblings and start a fight. —— ☎️: If you are a sexual assault survivor, our hearts go out to you. Please reach out for help at organisations such as the Sexual Assault Care Center at Aware Singapore. ( — Follow us on Instagram: @uncommonhumanity Watch us on: Check out: — Support this podcast: —> When indicating Type of Donation, fill in “UCH” or “UnCommon Humanity” —> Or hit us up at !

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