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Should I Come Clean About My Past On A First Date? Ft. Jordana’s Sister

Should I Come Clean About My Past On A First Date? Ft. Jordana’s Sister

J & J start the show with a debate about whether or not it’s okay to be on your phone when you’re watching a movie with your significant other. Do they have a right to get annoyed if you’re not paying attention to the screen? Next, a listener writes in to ask whether or not she should stay together with her boyfriend just for an expensive vacation. Is it unfair to take advantage of the trip if you’re not planning to stick around? The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves a naked stranger and a carpet fire. Next, an emailer asks why her long term hookup keeps trying to reconnect with her despite having a girlfriend. After, they’re joined by Jordana’s very own sister, clinical psychologist and licensed therapist Dr. Naomi Bernstein. They start with a conversation about couples in therapy, trying therapy before you get married, and figuring out when it’s time to admit things aren’t working. Then they answer a listener email asking whether or not it’s okay to hide evidence of her troubled past on a first date. Do they have the right to know up front about your past struggles, or is it fair to save that for down the road? They finish out the show with a game of Red Flag or Deal Breaker and a debate about how long you should wait to text after the first time you sleep together. You can find out more about Dr. Naomi Bernstein at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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