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TMR 9.10: Monsterhuman by Kjersti Skomsvold (pgs 407-448)

TMR 9.10: Monsterhuman by Kjersti Skomsvold (pgs 407-448)

And just like that, season nine of the Two Month Review comes to an end. But first, we have a very nice discussion with Kjersti Skomsvold herself about Monsterhuman, trends in Norwegian writing, autofiction vs. creative nonfiction vs. memoir, authors to read, and much more. (Spoiler: She's just as interesting and charming in real life as she is in the novel.)  If you prefer to watch the show instead of just list, all of our past episodes are available on our YouTube channel.  This week's music is "I Think That's Everything" by Imperial Teen. Season 10 will be the first English-language title to be included, Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellmann, which was just named to the Booker SHORTLIST!! This will kick off on YouTube on Monday, October 2nd, with the first podcast episode dropping a week from today.  Follow Open Letter, Chad Post, and Brian Wood for random thoughts and information about upcoming guests. And follow Patrick on Twitter and Instagram for hot takes and pictures of Vermont bookstores. And be sure to preorder Brian's book, Joytime Killbox, which is coming out this fall from BOA Editions. You can find all the Two Month Review posts by clicking here. And be sure to leave us a review on iTunes. It really helps people to discover the podcast.

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