Two Girls One Ghost

Encounters x42

Encounters x42

Sorority Ghosts, Blue Ghosts, Shadow Figures and Doppelgängers. You never know how they'll appear, but that's what we love about ghosts -- they're unpredictable. Have ghost stories of your own? E-mail them to us at Check out our upcoming **l****ive shows** and Merch on our website: []( If you enjoy our show, please consider donating to our [Patreon]( We promise to make it worth your time and we promise not to haunt you. We have a variety of different tiers that will give you access to bonus content, special shoutouts, discounted merch and more! []( Finally, please Rate and Review the podcast on [iTunes]( and follow us on social media! [Twitter](, [Instagram](, and [Facebook]( Original Music by [Arms Akimbo](!

Duration: 26 min

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