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52: How can your ancestors help?

52: How can your ancestors help?

What kind of support can you ask your ancestors for?  And who exactly are ancestors?  This week on Tune In with Marci, intuitive coach and healer Marci Moberg, answers five listener questions.  She explores: The difference between lower case “a” ancestors and capital “a” Ancestors. What happens to ancestors who were horrible people in this lifetime after they pass. How ancestor work can support trauma healing in families with unwell ancestors. What to and not to ask for help from your ancestors. And how to find resources about your ancestors' rituals and practices when you have no idea where to start. Watch Marci's free masterclass:  Hear Your Inner Voice Connect to your guides and make your intuition the CEO of your life.  Sign up for Marci's intuition program Intuition Unlocked: Learn more about Marci and her work at: Instagram: @marcimoberg Facebook: @intuitionwithmarci Music from Joseph McDade

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