99 - Midday Train to Anywhere (Chicago)

99 - Midday Train to Anywhere (Chicago)

JOIN OUR BRAND NEW PATREON! (The Fourth Nipple) for exclusive audio and video content! It's the best improvised comedy podcast about conspiracy theories! The Truthcast has been called been called Beavis and Butt-head meets The X-Files. That's insulting. The TRUTHCAST is your ONLY source of the hard hitting news "they're" too scared to tell you about. This week Thomas and Walter consult with one of Thomas' old friends, Rhonda Loach, life coach. Not only can Rhonda help you find more meaning in your life through common sense tactics, but she is also an expert child hunter. Rhonda confirms Thomas and Walters suspicions on where Dickie may be. Rhonda Loach was played by the VERY funny Chicago stand-up comedian, Whitney Wasson. When she's not on stages performing all over Chicago and the midwest, Whitney is creating a weekly comic called "Sober Rabbit" where a group of cartoon animals cope with different addictions and sobriety. It's a very thoughtful and fun comic and you guys should check it out. Here's a link to Whitney's Linktree where you can find all things Whitney and Sober Rabbit: ( Thomas Luge was played by Alex Bozinovic. Check out Alex's other podcast (Burt Selleck). Lil Dickie was played by me, Mike Bobbitt. You can listen to my other podcasts (You Made Me Watch ) and (Bat's Breath: A Voyagers Podcast). Check out the great TRUTH videos Tim Den Otter produces at: Here's the central hub for all your (TRUTH) needs: Art by Mark Rudolph: Support this podcast

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