70 - Rainbow Connection (Janet Varney)

70 - Rainbow Connection (Janet Varney)

Thomas calls upon Dr. Sara Connolly to evaluate Dickie's mental health and determine if he's ready to rejoin the world. She also has some fascinating facts about the healing power of rainbows. Dr. Sara Connolly was played by the fantastically kind and talented Janet Varney. Check out her website to find out more about her numerous acting roles as well as her own podcasts The JV Club and Voyage to the Stars. Thomas Luge was played by birthday boy Alex Bozinovic. Check out Alex's other podcast (Burt Selleck). Lil Dickie was played by me, Mike Bobbitt. You can listen to my (You Made Me Watch )movie podcast too. Check out the great TRUTH videos Tim Den Otter produces at: Here's the central hub for all your (TRUTH) needs: Art by Mark Rudolph: Support this podcast

Duration: 32 min

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