60 - I Saw The Light (Eddie Pepitone)

60 - I Saw The Light (Eddie Pepitone)

Thomas and Dickie are joined by a mystery man who has all sorts of interesting tidbits of Truth to share and doesn't sound crazy at all! He touches on the harmful powers of sunlight, robots and the treat of the singularity, and how the Dominican Republic is controlling his mind. He also shows us his alter-ego Sven the Clown....which isn't terrifying at all if you're afraid of clowns! The mystery man, possibly named Rich Tryin was played by the legendary Eddie Pepitone. Go to to find out about his podcast Pep Talks and his brand new comedy special For the Masses. You can also find his albums, special, short film and the Bitter Buddha documentary there! Special appearance by Big Jimmy, as played by Amanda Welzein from the Dead Waves podcast. Thomas Luge was played by Alex Bozinovic. Check out Alex's other podcast Burt Selleck. Lil Dickie was played by me, Mike Bobbitt. Check out my band new podcast You Made Me Watch. Check out the great TRUTH videos Tim Den Otter produces at: Here's the central hub for all your TRUTH needs: Art by Mark Rudolph: Support this podcast

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