038 - Prison Reform and Crafting

038 - Prison Reform and Crafting

Thomas and Dickie meet with Warden Bill Amburgy to discuss the possibility of being granted permission to continue the TRUTHCAST. Warden Bill was played by the Great Quintin Hicks. Quintin is an actor, writer, director, teacher, and honestly a role model to so many performers in Detroit. Please, please, please seek out all the great work he does. If you're outside of Michigan, you can see him in the Comedy Central series Detroiters or in the movie King of Detroit, available on Amazon. Mike Bobbitt and Alex Bozinovic have tried to make it very clear that they're not Dickie and Thomas...unless of course you listened to the Year in Review episode last month...then they'd be guilty of sending mixed signals. The live TRUTH show has moved to the second Thursday of every month at Go Comedy. You can get tickets at: Go to to order your very own TRUTH t-shirt. They look super cool! And if you order now, I'll throw some stickers in there too. Art by Mark Rudolph: Support this podcast

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