Truth and Scare

23 - Making Connections and Quantum Fruit Loops

23 - Making Connections and Quantum Fruit Loops

QUICK! Name something chartreuse colored! Welcome back to Truth and Scare, jeepers and creepers. Only TWO EPISODES left until we say goodbye to season 1. In this episode, Cyndi covers the... absolutely horrifying Alphabet Murders of Rochester, NY, and even finds a connection to our own episode 21. Seriously haunting stuff in this one. Niko's up next with a deep dive into Mandela effect. What is it? What Causes it? Does Niko use it as an excuse to give Cyndi a trivia quiz? Listen to find out! Got any spooky stories? Send all your scary experiences (paranormal OR true crime) to us at with the subject "Scaring is Caring" or "Listener Story" for the chance to be featured in our bonus episodes!    Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @truthandscare!     Theme Music: Sarah O'Heeron (@shutupsarah on fiverr) Cover Art: Carmen Lachman (@snowsmokeychan on instagram)

Duration: 1 hr 16 min

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