BTC #58 - with Tripawds

BTC #58 - with Tripawds

"It's better to hop on three legs than to limp on four." Jim and Rene' Agredano faced that choice when their dog Jerry was diagnosed with cancer and would require one of his legs be amputated. They found lots of information about the cancer, etc. But, what they didn't find was any type of support community for the pet parents who are going thru this with their dogs. So, what started out as a simple blog to keep family and friends updated, turned into a forum and today the site has over 4,000 members supporting each other when someone faces a similar situation with their pet. Jerry's diagnosis provided Jim and Rene' an opportunity to shake up their life. They sold their business, home and purchased a motor home to "live" with Jerry for as long as he had left. Jerry lived well beyond the 6 month time frame the vet gave him and after 2 wonderful years he passed. They choose to continue Tripawds and Jerry's mission to support people and pets who are faced with all of the questions and uncertainty that this type of operation can cause. Thank you so much for allowing your personal challenges to be shared with and encourage the thousands that have been helped.Visit program page for additional information and bfeatured blog article links.

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