BTC #57 - with Pet360

BTC #57 - with Pet360

I really enjoy going to various conferences and events as it gives me a great opportunity to meet some really interesting people. Several weeks ago I was in Salt Lake City at BlogPaws and met Rose and the rest of the Pet360 team. What a great group of women who all share a commitment for animals. I didn't have time for a sit down with Rose at the event but we were able to connect by phone a few weeks later. I guess the most interesting thing for me about Pet360 is how they are growing a community that is designed around the pets and their companions, with relevant articles and information delivered to you based on your interactions. Now I know this is what Facebook tries to do with everyone and everything... but with the specific focal point of our pets provides a useful community for us. They are in their Beta phase, so they are looking for people to participate and provide the feedback necessary for a great community. Be sure to check it out.This weeks blogs...YIKES! It's still HOT!. Stay cool and be safe. First up this week is a story from the L.A. Times describing Sid's "skinny itchy dog" journey from the junk yard to his new home with a new name Rambo in: Animal rescuers become a sick, abandoned dog's many best friends Be sure to have at least 1 probably 2 tissues on hand.  ...continued

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