BTC #56 - with Shirley Zindler

BTC #56 - with Shirley Zindler

Back in the swing of things. Now that all has settled from our Holiday week and most of us are bacjk to work, I was able to catch up with Shirley Zindler. A guest blogger for as well as an Animal Control Officer in Sonoma County, CA. Over the last several months I've shared with you several of Shirley's post's and was thrilled when she agreed to come on the program. In speaking with her, I came to understand the HUGE responsibility that these officers have in their communities. Imagine being the person who is the first into a crime scene (with the police following her), where an aggressive dog has been shot, and the police don't know if there are any armed gunman left in the building... I will never look at animal control officers without thinking about the danger they put themselves in while trying to make a difference.This weeks blogs... As the temps finally start to cool, it's time to get back into enjoying our morning or afternoon hikes. With the recent temps, it's going to be common to see a few snakes out there so check the great article: Rattlesnake Bites the Dog which is a great, easy to understand article on what to do if a bite ever happens. From across the pond, in Finland, a study was recently released that shows that having a dog around infants can be a healthy thing, regarding: Developing A Health Immune System this is sure to spark some debate... Finally we look at: Careers in Behavior and Training This seems to be a growing field, and here is some basic information you should review before submitting your treatment to the History channel.

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