BTC #54 - Towel Day Updates

BTC #54 - Towel Day Updates

Tomorrow is Towel Day! So here are some basic links in case you missed them; - Main Web - Towel Day FAQ -  "How to Celebrate Towel Day Article"This weeks blogs... It's that time of year when we are getting ready to travel and here are some tips to make traveling with our pets a little easier: Pet Air Travel - 9 Ways to Fly Safe. With the Holiday weekend upon us and July 4th around the corner, here are some great reminders of how we can celebrate responsibly with our pets: 8 Rules for Pet Cookout Safety. Common sense? Yep, but always good to be reminded. Now a great article on how people are realizing that pets can make a difference in senior and ill patients: Senior Living Centers and Other Facilities Recognize Healing Nature of Pets. While this is not surprising for many of us, it does help bring awareness to those who do not yet get the difference pets can make in our lives. Finally, we all just want to be loved but what types of barriers have we created for ourselves, let alone those that may want to connect with us? My Dogs are Messing with my Groove. A very insightful and honest look at where we are and what we are now having to deal with.

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