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367: "She'll Bit Your Eye Out!!" | True Crime Podcast Daily Brief

367: "She'll Bit Your Eye Out!!" | True Crime Podcast Daily Brief

An arrest was made after a 25-year-old woman bit her sibling's eye during a fight. During a drive on May 27, a woman came across her sister, Ashleigh Sunni Mason, walking down the street, according to KSL-TV. According to reports, the woman pulled over to pick her up. Intoxicated Mason allegedly "became aggressive" toward her sister while in transit. According to reports, she grabbed the victim's hair, pulled her head back, and punched her. At the time of the incident, Mason was allegedly homeless and living with her sister. It was then that Mason leaned over and bit her sister on the left eye, according to the charging documents obtained by KSL. According to KUTV-TV, the victim's ex-husband reported the incident. She was allegedly covered in blood dripping from her left eye when police arrived. By the time authorities arrived, Mason had fled on foot, according to KUTV. According to Unified Police Department officers, the victim was transported to an area hospital after her tear duct was torn from the inside of her eye and was now on the outside. Shortly afterward, Mason was found hiding in a yard about a block away, according to KUTV. Ashleigh was extremely intoxicated and screaming extremely loudly, causing alarm to other nearby residences, Unified Police Officer Brandon Moore told KUTV. KSL obtained charging documents alleging Mason was interviewed, and investigators learned "the assault resulted in a small portion of her eyelid being torn off." Authorities discovered two bottles of vodka and a can of White Claw in Mason's possession. According to court records, Mason faces aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, and intoxication charges. There was reportedly an addition to the charge of mayhem on June 3. If you like TRUE CRIME TODAY - Be sure to search and subscribe wherever you download podcasts! Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher iHeart Amazon Google Podcasts Or Search "True Crime Today" for the best in True Crime ANYWHERE you get podcasts! Support the show at

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