S3E8: Sexual Sadists Pt. 5

S3E8: Sexual Sadists Pt. 5

In the 8th episode of Season 3, your host JD Horror brings you two more extremely disturbing tales as we give you part 5 of our series on Sexual Sadists.WARNING: The following episode continues graphic and disturbing depictions of sexual torture and violence. This episode is definitely not for the faint of heart. Listener discretion is strongly advised. You’ve been warned.Case #1: 44 Days of Hell - Four Japanese teenagers abducted 17 year old Junko Furuta, and for 44 days she was subjected to every form of torture imaginable. Known in the Japanese media as the "Concrete Encased School Girl Murder Case", this is definitely one of the most brutal and heinous crimes in all of human history. (The Murder of Junko Furuta, Japan)Case #2: The Collector - Bob Berdella, better known as "The Kansas City Butcher" would take his inspiration from a 1963 novel as a teen. The brutality of his crimes would eclipse anything that author John Fowles could have imagined when he wrote the story. Berdella would be convicted of the rape, torture, and murder of six men... But could there have been more? (B. Berdella, Kansas City, OH, USA)If you like what you hear here on True Crime Horror Story please subscribe and give us a 5 star review. You can also think about joining our Patreon At and then Stay tuned after this show on Patreon for the True Crime Horror Story After Show w/ Dom & JD as well as early access to Ad free episodes and exclusive bonus content available only on Patreon.This episode features additional research by Gabriel Bulsara for Bob Berdella, music by Mechanical Ghost, Producer LB from the No One Likes Us Podcast and The Quiet Type, as well as Artwork by Nuclear Heat Graphics. Has violent crime impacted you or someone close to you? Send us your story at truecrimehorrorstory@gmail.comTrue Crime Horror Story. Sometimes Truth is more brutal than fiction.

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