S3E7: Under a Crimson Moon

S3E7: Under a Crimson Moon

In the seventh episode of Season 3 of True Crime Horror Story, your host JD Horror brings you three tales of black metal, murder, mutilation, and devil worship.Case #1: The Freezing Moon - This is the story of the creators of Norwegian Black Metal: MAYHEM. When Oystein Aarseth aka Euronymous formed a band and started a new style of heavy metal music, he didn't know that it would ultimately lead to violence, church burnings, and his own murder. (V. Vikernes, Norway)Case #2: The Man of 1000 Faces - Jaime Osuna was a cold blood remorseless killer whose victims would be left with the eternal image of his permanent smile. He would commit quite possibly his most savage act long after he had been locked behind bars. (J. Osuna, California)Case #3: The Number of the Beast - Nikko Jenkins heard the voice of an Egyptian Serpent God commanding him to go on a killing spree in August of 2013. The horror of his murders would be eclipsed in brutality only by what he would eventually do to himself. (N. Jenkins, Nebraska)If you like what you hear here on True Crime Horror Story please subscribe and give us a 5 star review. You can also think about joining our Patreon At and then Stay tuned after this show on Patreon for the True Crime Horror Story After Show w/ Dom & JD as well as early access to Ad free episodes and exclusive bonus content available only on Patreon.This episode features research and writing by Dominick Balsamo & MR, music by Lykanthrop, Christian D'Amico, Producer LB from the No One Likes Us Podcast and Mechanical Ghost as well as Artwork by Nuclear Heat Graphics. Sources for this episode’s cases are available in the credits section of our website.Has violent crime impacted you or someone close to you? Send us your story at truecrimehorrorstory@gmail.comTrue Crime Horror Story. Sometimes Truth is more brutal than fiction.

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