S3E5: Bring Out Your Dead (Necrophiliacs & Gravediggers)

S3E5: Bring Out Your Dead (Necrophiliacs & Gravediggers)

In the fifth episode of Season 3 of True Crime Horror Story, your host JD Horror brings you three tales of insatiable living creatures with lust for the dead: Necrophiliacs & Gravediggers.Case #1: The Dollmaker - Anatoly Moskvin was a successful Russian linguist and historian who spoke 13 languages. Despite his academic career and supposed genius, he could not control his insane urges and was arrested with the mummified bodies of 26 little girls in his residence that he had crudely made into dolls. (A. Moskvin, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)Case #2: Cemetery Man - Victor Ardisson was a necrophilliac from France that would come to be known as "The Vampire of Muy". During his grisly exploits he would violate over 100 corpses, satiating his dark desires again and again. Featuring voice acting/music from author Tom Baker. (V. Ardisson, Provence, France)Case #3: La Danse Macabre - Dr. Carl Tanzler was a radiologist whose love for one of his dying patients, Cuban-American beauty Elena Helen Milagro de Hoyos, extended far beyond her call to the grave. (C. Tanzler, Key West, Florida, USA)If you like what you hear here on True Crime Horror Story please subscribe and give us a 5 star review. You can also think about joining our Patreon At and then Stay tuned after this show on Patreon for the True Crime Horror Story After Show w/ Dom & JD as well as early access to Ad free episodes and exclusive bonus content available only on Patreon.This episode features voice acting and music by author Tom Baker, as well as Music by Mechanical Ghost, The Quiet Type, Producer LB from the No One Likes Us Podcast and Kevin McLeod, and Artwork by Nuclear Heat Graphics. Sources for this episode’s case are available in the credits section of our website.Has violent crime impacted you or someone close to you? Send us your story at truecrimehorrorstory@gmail.comTrue Crime Horror Story. Sometimes Truth is more brutal than fiction.

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