BONUS - Patreon Preview TCHS Killer Cuts #4: The House of the Devil (Pazuzu Algarad)

BONUS - Patreon Preview TCHS Killer Cuts #4: The House of the Devil (Pazuzu Algarad)

Since TCHS is on Holiday break, rather than skipping an episode we wanted to give you a present. This is a preview of our Patreon series Killer Cuts. We will be back soon with another episode. Until then, enjoy this Patreon Preview Killer Cuts #4: The House of the Devil (Pazuzu Algarad).In the fourth episode of the new short format series Killer Cuts, Dom & JD discuss the interesting case of Pazuzu Algarad and The House of the Devil. Living in absolute filth and squalor, the boy once known as Johnathan Lawson would grow into a Mesopotamian devil worshipping cannibal. The legend of Pazuzu and the house at 2756 Knob Hill Drive would grow into a scary story that neighbors would tell to keep their kids close to home. But where did the killing stop and the lies begin?(Pazuzu Algarad, Clemmons, NC)This episode was researched and written by MR and features music by Mechanical Ghost/The Quiet Type and Artwork by Nuclear Heat Graphics. Sources for this episode’s cases are available in the credits section of our website.(NOTE: We apologize for the audio quality of the Aftershow, this was recorded at the height of the Quarantine when COVID first hit forcing Dom to call in rather than be in studio. We hope this gets better soon! Stay Safe!)If you like what you hear here on True Crime Horror Story please subscribe and give us a 5 star review. You can also think about joining our Patreon At and then Stay tuned after this show on Patreon for the True Crime Horror Story After Show w/ Dom & JD as well as early access to Ad free episodes and exclusive bonus content available only on Patreon.Has violent crime impacted you or someone close to you? Send us your story at truecrimehorrorstory@gmail.comTrue Crime Horror Story. Sometimes Truth is more brutal than fiction.

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