Pieces of Victory: "Realistic Hope" with Jeneen Miller

Pieces of Victory: "Realistic Hope" with Jeneen Miller

TW/CW: Season 2 EP2 was recorded between Jeneen Miller of Pieces of Victory and Miranda Sullivan from Troubled, shortly after they met in Missouri during the November Right to Rights Rally. Mental Health and technical difficulties have kept this long awaited treasure from you, minimal updates to the content are included in the Outro.  Pieces of Victory is a Show on YouTube that features many of our Survivor friends and Heroes. Jeneen's book (which is unfortunately totally true) is also available, and we highly recommend it.  Everything is on the table, getting dished and dissed.  What do "statutes of limitations" for abuse say about our society? How does r*aping little gay boys convert them to heterosexuality?  We discuss Conversion "therapy" Torture in the USA, and Jeneen's good friend, advocate and Survivor, James Swift (aka Fifi Frost). Catch them both on Netflix's Haunted Season 2 EP3 and read James' Memoir "Rusted Rhistestones". We remember all the Survivors who came before us, who recruited us to the movement they created, and who LITERALLY gave their lives to this and us. Michele Ulriksen was the first Survivor to write about Victory Christian Academy in her book, Reform at Victory: a Survivor's Story. She is also responsible for recruiting her Victory Sister, Jeneen, to the frontlines. This is all for her. This is all for them. And for the children today, so that someday, there will be #nomoresurvivors RESPECT to our Sh-eros in public office, Senator Sara Gelser of Oregon and Representative Keri Ingle of Missouri. We see you, we hope to vote for your for higher office STAT.  For regular updates on Agape Boarding School or Circle of Hope Girls Ranch as it pertains to the investigation and leaks which would put us 6-feet-under if we didn't run through our allies, SUBSCRIBE to the Kansas City Star and don't miss out on any of the coverage that will contribute to Judy Thomas' upcoming Pulitzer.  It's time to relaunch #justiceforcornelius - hit us up if you're ready. It's been a year, since Cornelius Frederick was murdered on video for throwing a sandwich. It's been a YEAR and neither Lakeside, Sequel, Bain, or the anyone within the "Troubled Teen Industry" have answered for this "collateral commodity hiccup".  #NOJUSTICENOPEACE Socials @TalkTroubled Please Rate & Write Review on iTunes  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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