BREAKING: Updates, Exposes & SOS to ALL Allies & Survivors

BREAKING: Updates, Exposes & SOS to ALL Allies & Survivors

Missouri Senate Hearing WEDNESDAY Everyone requested to submit support to Senate via upcoming link. MOST Survivors cannot be there in person per last minute notice and financial constraints aka “being visible and present has a classist barrier”. So we will have a public Zoom screening of the hearing to support our Survivors who can and to allow for a public Q/A if you would like to testify in the zoom hearing please reach out to us to be kept in loop and sent instructions. We hope everyone will join us. HOW can the IFB Lester Roloff Agape web of abusive “troubled teen industry” with a sordid history and current investigations, with no govt oversight, regulation or accountability be allowed to extort over A MILLION dollars of OUR federal taxes?? NEW EXPOSE on Kansas City Star: MASTERS RANCH: watch Shelva’s Missouri Testimony on our YouTube & connect w her via IF YOU were abused or employed or sent your kids to the TTI in MO please submit testimony for Wednesday via the upcoming link or preferably in person. All allies & Survivors are requested to the frontlines to click a simple support button to save lives & sign HB557 & HB560 into law #iseeyousurvivor visit & connect w us on all the socials via @talktroubled ANYONE interested in reactivating #justiceforcornelius pls reach out ALSO per the foster funnel, please scoop this epic article by our ally Children’s Rights (scoop our EP with them) featuring Survivor & Advocate Kayla Muzquiz: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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