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Speaking Through Coal: The Art of Appalachian Fatalism, Resource Extraction and Electracy ( Ernie Roby-Tomic )

Speaking Through Coal: The Art of Appalachian Fatalism, Resource Extraction and Electracy ( Ernie Roby-Tomic )

In this new episode we hear from Artist and Researcher Ernie Roby-Tomic  in the wake of his recently released, online exhibition *Exposing Coal  Seams and Appalachian Fatalism with Digital Apparatuses* published in  the (online) Nordic Journal for Artistic Research. Ernie Roby-Tomic is a  multimedia artist and researcher who uses, among many mediums and  methods, music, poetry, archival research, video game design, GIS and 3D  printing via the paradigms of Electracy and Verticality to tell the  stories of resource extraction of rural coal country culture in West  Virginia in the United states.     The view the exhibit visit:    Visit for more info about Ernie's work     Visit for more info on the podcast,  blog, writing services, and how you can become a supporter of the show.      Follow on @Transnatualpod on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube/  Medium.     Please Share, Subscribe & Support!     Music by Fazerklang SFX:    TIMESTAMPS:   00:00:00 Introduction (Listen! Share! Subscribe! Donate! Enjoy!)  00:05:00 All about balkan brass music and the Guca festival in Serbia  00:10:00 How we know each others, Florida and The Moonbus Fesitval  00:15.:00 Ernie's Art, Sleep Science and Labor movements in Late Capitalist Society  00:19:15 Reclamation: Exhibition on Resource extraction culture in Appalachia  00:24:00 Growing up in an Appalachian Coal mining culture  00:26:00 History of the Appalachian mountains and Coal mining  00:29:30 Politicization of the Coal Industry  00:36:20 Influence of Black Lung Disease and Japanese Video Games  00:44:20 Mining for Data recreating coal mining maps  00:56:00 Theory of Electracy, Heuristics & Talking through the bodies of miners  01:08:45 Walking us through the Exhibition Landscape  01:18:00 Redneck activism and Politics role in Coal Country  01:28:00 The Green Bank Observatory: Themes of paradox and verticality at the intersection of environment, society and industry.  01:34:45 Connection and reclamation through technology and familial relations  01:37:45 Appalachian Fatalism: The coal cycle, Disaster Ballads and Feminist Critique   01:55:00 Energy Extraction: Performance Project on the Sago Mine disaster, Doom Tubas and Sleep  02:08:00 Are you making Electracy?  02:11:00 Final Reflections --- Send in a voice message:

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