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Class Dismissed: Let's Diversify Community Sourced Education!

Class Dismissed: Let's Diversify Community Sourced Education!

Live from THE PARK! Big thanks to everyone for tuning in, listening up and speaking out during this first season of the Transnatural Perspectives Podcast. The journey has just begun but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past season. It's be great and it's also been a ton of work behind the scenes (and maybe on our brains too!) and some critical distance is in order to recharge and marinate with some really expansive ideas on the horizon! In this episode I discuss Oslo Parks, Podcast Origins, Shout out to teachers, evolving perspectives on community based education and, of course, my top 17 episodes of the season. While we break, I hope you have time to enjoy yourself and catch up on all of our previous episodes while you're at it! Please Share, Subscribe & Support this podcast! Visit for more info on the podcast, blog, writing services, and how you can become a supporter of the show. Follow on @Transnatualpod on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube/  Medium. Music by Fazerklang SFX: 00:01:44 Oslo Parks 00:03:48 Origins of the Podcast 00:06:38 Taking a podcast break 00:07:59 We all have the ability to educate 00:10:42 Same Planet...Different Worlds 00:12:30 Teaching! Hollywood production...without the support! 00:15:11 Diversified Community Based Education 00:17:15 My top 17 episodes: Thank yous and brief summaries 00:35:48 Closing Reflections --- Send in a voice message:

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