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Participate Chats with Brad Spirrison Transformative Principal 123

Participate Chats with Brad Spirrison Transformative Principal 123 use it for chats–it works really well. Check out this cool minute-long video about how it works. View a longer webinar about participate learning. Everything in there is based on conversations that Brad has with users. Chats are great, but how do you pay attention to everything that you learned from it? Calendar of chats Create collections from chats in the time period. Create collections and share with others. Schools and district hashtags can be involved in this as well to share their resources. Participate as a social network. How to be a transformative Principal: Have a growth mindset and empower everyone in your building. @participatelearn @spirrison   Loading… Please take a moment to rate this podcast in iTunes or on Stitcher.  Please follow me on Twitter: @jethrojones for the host and @TrnFrmPrincipal for the show. Buy Communication Cards Show notes on Download Paperless Principal.   Sponsor: Sanebox Web Site Transformative Principal on Stitcher Refer A Principal Best Tools for Busy Administrators Survey

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