Dina Asher-Smith | Want to Go Fast? Be Patient

Dina Asher-Smith | Want to Go Fast? Be Patient

A few months ago, sprinter Dina Asher-Smith was coming off her first individual gold in the World Championships and had her sights set on Tokyo. But now that the 2020 Olympics are the 2021 Olympics, she’s had to adjust her training on the fly. On this episode, the fastest British woman ever tells us how she’s negotiating her new normal while training at home, why she mentors young girls—but won’t let them beat her in a race—and why sometimes taking things slow is the best way to get faster. Inspired to move? Check out the Nike Training Club app, where you’ll find workouts for all fitness levels created and led by Nike trainers, as well as holistic health tips from Nike Performance Council members—all to help you take your wellness to the next level. Clink on the link below to get the app for iOS or Android.Download Now

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