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3 tips on what to eat around your workouts (pre & post)

3 tips on what to eat around your workouts (pre & post)

How many times have you eaten before a workout and got sick? How many times have you eaten food after your workout and then felt guilty after eating it, as if you threw away your whole workout? Or are you just all around confused on what to do with your pre & post workout meals? In this episode I go through 3 tips to get you to better understand what foods and for what reasons you need to eat before and after your workouts.   After explaining the three tips, you need to also understand that these feelings might have (guilt) with your pre & post workout meals may come from a state of mindset where your relationship with food isn't all to great. Food is made to be eaten. Food is made to fuel our body and create progress. Food is medicine and has helped people turn their entire health & life around. Food is a touchy subject for most and get's very frustrating to understand. Let's break it down nice and simple in this episode!   **LISTEN TILL THE END TO GET A BONUS TIP** If you have any questions you want answered or wanting to talk to me directly, head over to: Host: Episode 91: What foods, and when to eat them, around your workout Athletic Beings Training & Apparel: / Podcast Website: LiquidIV: / Code: TrainHard / Save 25% off your entire purchase FNX Fit: / Code:Trainhard / Save 15% off your entire purchase YouTube Channel: Train with Coach Matt Anywhere:

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