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NEW SEASON OUT NOW! Pete Is Cranky!!!!

NEW SEASON OUT NOW! Pete Is Cranky!!!!

Pete goes solo on this episode to be a cranky old man and complain..about supply chain infrastructure, cyber security, China, tariffs and the lack of action to fix any of it.  This season, we will explore the real problems with guests and props solutions. As always, this episode of the podcast is brought to you by the World Trade Centers. Whether you are new to global trade, or have been selling across borders for decades, your local WTC is here to help. Learn more at Alba Wheels Up is on a mission to be the best freight forwarder and customs broker on the market. Our expert knowledge and experience provides the perfect solution for your freight forwarding needs.  When you know more, your clients do better.  Alba Wheels Up, Success …. Delivered.  To Learn more visit us at This Podcast is also brought to you by Undeniable Technologies.  Constructing the backbone to global trade based on the standards of the World’s largest trade organization, The Known Alliance, Undeniable is making global commerce faster, safer, more secure and easier than ever before.  Learn more at Technical assistance and all-around awesomeness that makes this show possible is brought to you by the good men and women of CAP Logistics. Do you want to minimize downtime, increase reliability, and ensure your operations’ profitability? You need to have complete visibility and control over your supply chain 24/7/365 , and CAP Logistics can help you achieve that! With CAP as a single point of contact, you can have instant access to multiple transportation options, expert logistics advice, and confidence in knowing that you’re covered. To learn more check out their website at And of course - our podcast is brought to you by Mento LLC - My trade consulting firm.  If you need help addressing your tariff issues or any area trade compliance and supply chain security, just send me a message at --- Support this podcast:

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