Tool-Assisted Podcast - Ep 6: DK64 with RingRush and theballaam96

Tool-Assisted Podcast - Ep 6: DK64 with RingRush and theballaam96

Video version:   Tool-Assisted Podcast Discord:   Tool-Assisted Podcast Twitter:  -Matt’s Info (aka RingRush)- Youtube:  Twitch:  Twitter:  -Tom’s Info (aka theballaam96)- Youtube:  Twitch:  Twitter:  For more info about Tool-Assisted Speedruns see:  DK64 Speedrunning Discord:  -Links to video clips used- Spiking video:  Solarkick  Helm Early (BoM kick) first method:  Helm Early (BoM kick) improved method:  -Other Interesting Links- DK64 glitch history spreadsheet:  DK64 ABC (low A press) youtube channel:  Intro Story Glitch youtube channel:  Tom’s DK64 glitches playlist:     Flashback warp video: Slope from japes:   BoM kick spreadsheet (who has done the trick):  SM64 Science and low A stuff:  &    -Corrections and Elaborations- Thanks to TJ Blakely for providing the following corrections and elaborations. TJ is a DK64 RTA/TAS legend and it's worth checking him out. TJ's youtube: TJ's Twitch: 17:54 The racers for that race were TJ, Isotarge and GloriousLiar. 25:58 RingRush says 5 and a half minute timer, but it is actually 4 minutes and 26 seconds. Time matters as soon as the 4:26 mark hits - you are losing time from this point onwards if you do not have a cutscene playing on the main menu. 35:15 Tom says there were not many videos, but I actually have runs on my (TJ) Twitch/YouTube of "100GB No Moves", as well as various other moveless videos posted to my (TJ) YouTube that are Proof of Concept. There were not videos of every obtainable GB simply because some of them were too hard to achieve RTA. Things like Diddy Upper 5DC come to mind. 36:27 The motivation for getting Training Barrels was that we could not unlock all Kongs without Kutout. We needed to unlock all Kongs in order to get 100 GBs. 37:34 Even if K.R.E. was possible, we would only be able to unlock Diddy as you require Diddy's gun to progress any further in the K. Rool fight. Additionally to address the ISG comment, ISG was banned in Moveless because it could be used to obtain all moves through MMM. This would technically circumvent "purchasing/receiving the moves", so it was banned outright. Here is some general background of "Moveless" that was skipped over entirely... Moveless was brought up in a Discord call with (I believe) myself (TJ), RingRush, EmoArbiter...there may have been others as well. We were thinking about which GBs would not be obtainable as well as considering which ones we could get even with the Moveless restriction. I asked the question "Do you think it's possible to get 100GBs Moveless?", which I (TJ) then proceeded to answer later that week/week after. I (TJ) spent a lot of time looking into all the GBs that were obtainable using only the Training Barrels (as they were needed to unlock any/all other Kongs via Kutout Kongs, which would give access to more GBs). Training Barrels were also allowed because they were not a purchase or a gift from an NPC, which Cranky Potions, Candy Instruments, Funky Weapons, and Banana Fairy Shockwave all fall into. After finding all the GBs that could be gotten in an RTA setting, I streamed my "100GB No Moves Testrun", which became a category that only a few people have run (Myself, Hitokage220, whatever Chibi's name is now). It is not an official category, but it does appear on the DK64 Memerboards (if they're still called that). This is how Moveless was brought about. Tom referred to 3 Kong Solar Kick as a "meme" when it was actually the fastest non-1 Kong route at one point in time. This route featured DK Lanky Chunky and was run largely by hipstur420 (now hipstur or TR3G | hipstur) before ISGAE (Intro Story Glitch Aztec Early) 3 Kong was brought up by markusman64ds, which ended up taking over as the fastest 3 Kong route and featured DK Diddy Tiny instead. After TBS was found and TGHE (Telegrab Helm Early) became a thing, both 3 Kong routes were largely retired as Telegrab offered a super easy way to access Helm, which the 3 Kong routes had aimed to solve.

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