Tool-Assisted Podcast - Ep 13: TASvideos Awards 2019

Tool-Assisted Podcast - Ep 13: TASvideos Awards 2019

Video version:  In this episode we discuss the nominated TASes and TASers for the TASvideos 2019 awards. If you’re interested, it’s a great idea to vote on these awards while you still can (link below). TASvideos 2019 Awards Voting and Discussison: Alternate link to awards: Tool-Assisted Podcast Discord: Tool-Assisted Podcast Twitter:     -Mittenz' Info- Youtube:   Twitch:   Twitter:     For more info about Tool-Assisted Speedruns see:   Apologies for the occasional audio issues, the editing quality was overshadowed by the importance of timing the episode before voting closes.   Timestamps: SNES TAS: 2:00 SNES TASer: 40:00 Sega TAS: 50:30 Sega TASer 1:33:00 NES TAS: 1:35:00 NES TASer: 2:02:10 GBA TAS: 2:08:00 GBA TASer: 2:26:30 Gameboy TAS: 2:32:10 Gameboy TASer: 2:39:10 PC TAS: 2:41:10 PC TASer: 2:53:20 Nintendo 3D TAS: 2:55:00 Nintendo 3D TASer: 3:00:25 PSX TAS: 3:03:00 PSX TASer: 3:08:30 Exotic TAS: 3:10:00 Exotic TASer: 3:15:00 First Edition TAS: 3:16:30 Glitchy TAS: 3:18:20 Lucky TAS: 3:21:20 Speedy TAS: 3:24:20 Rookie TASer: 3:27:50 TASer of 2019: 3:32:15  

Duration: 3 hr 38 min

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