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# 1 - Austin Griffith

# 1 -  Austin Griffith

In our first episode of Token Points our guest Austin Griffith talks about his journey into blockchain. How building games allowed him to learn about Ethereum and Solidity development. We discover how this journey led to obstacles in UX and how he is now dedicated his time for research in the fascinating space of meta transactions. Guest: Austin Griffith - - Website: - Youtube: - Github: ===== Links mentioned in this episode: - Gallaeas: - Cryptogs: - - Token Subscriptions: This episode is also available on : - YouTube: Watch or listen, TokenPoints is available where ever podcasts can be heard. TokenPoints is hosted by: Gianni D'Alerta - Adam B Levine - #nft #nonfungibletokens #ethereum #blockchain #solidity #dapp

Duration: 1 hr 6 min

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