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Episode 143 PJ WOM (Word of Mouth) Reviews - BLACK BUSINESS MATTERS

Episode 143 PJ WOM (Word of Mouth) Reviews - BLACK BUSINESS MATTERS

On this episode I talk to Phil Jones.  He is someone who has created a review company that reviews black owned businesses and creates content on YouTube and Instagram for the purpose of helping expose some black owned brands we might not be aware of and raising awareness about the importance of black owned businesses. Phil Graduated from college and got a job in tech and started investing in real estate.  He sold that property and began building this company. Key points from the show: Decided to share product he was using just to raise awareness Stand out in business, don’t just copy what others are doing successfully. You should at least TRY to buy black Research marketing People buy what you promote The white mans ice isn’t colder but even if the ice was colder black men made the ice anyway Even if their ice is colder buy black ice anyway. You have received bad service at everyone else’s business so keep that same energy at a black one They don’t care if you are better they care about their community Everything came from Africa Africa is a gold mine Business is better than real estate Real estate is where you go after you make your money Fund your business with your job Books mentioned: The Wealth Choice - Dr. Dennis Kimbro Can find him Youtube Word of Mouth Reviews Twitter @wordofmouth

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