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06 - Will Slocombe (Cold Turkey, Reception)

06 - Will Slocombe (Cold Turkey, Reception)

Filmmaker Will Slocombe (Cold Turkey, Reception) - 4:42 creativity as a kid - 6:10 deciding to be a filmmaker - 7:30 film as a career - 8:45 first feature / "the most complicated thing I had ever done" - 10:25 how to collaborate on movies - 11:55 voice and style - 14:19 focus amidst the chaos of being on set - 16:16 marriage - 17:42 lessons from Peter Bogdanovich - 19:58 more on collaboration - 21:30 The Great Debasers, WTF, Men in Blazers - 24:10 The Escort ## Will's recommendations The Flavor Bin: Men in Blazers: Stephen Fry in America: ## Musicians featured in this show Bass Clarinet: Eleanor Weigert Bassoon: Paul Curtis Cello: Heather McIntosh Drums: Brandon Dickert Harp: Charissa Barger Vocals: Angeline Gragasin Audio Engineer for "Little Hero" score: Griffin Rodriguez Recorded at Narnack Studios

Duration: 28 min

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