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05 - Ethan Nicolle

05 - Ethan Nicolle

Comic artist Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop, Bearmageddon) - creativity/productivity - starting as a freelance artist - faith and art - Doug TeNapel's advice on not wasting your time - why he didn't go to art school - the humbling experience of his first Comic-Con - web comic audiences - what he learned collaborating with a 5-year-old - the inspiring environment of raising kids ## Axe Cop comic: fox tv show:!/shows/1 motion comics featured in this podcast: ## Bearmageddon ## Cutie and the Boxer trailer: ## Session musicians featured in this show Bassoon: Brittany Seits Cello: Heather McIntosh, Joe Mendoes Bass Clarinet: Eleanor Weigert Guitar: Max Crowe Saxophones: Anthony Bruno Trombone: Andrew Zelm Trumpet: Gerald Bailey Violins: Ben Weber, Cheryl Kim Vocals: Angeline Gragasin, Hawk Colman Axe Cop Motion Comic Narrator: Bob Souer Photo: Zero Dean

Duration: 24 min

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