Episode 153 - Robin Hood

Episode 153 - Robin Hood

We heard about all the time you had to spend out your house, so we released an extra long episode! We talk to Robin Hood about everything! Thank you so much for listening to our show. If you know anything about time travel, please help.  The https://l.instagram.com/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fpodbean.timebouncers.com%2F&e=ATMQaQnpzOCaRKaqVd1_Pj5mSa__0t5vNjymanoN61L7Fqwv2YZPGICt9bio9TViDqhxED3GVJvkmWo8koVO3NDAmwpCRHnZ&s=1 (Time Bouncers) are: Robin Hood, played by https://www.facebook.com/AggieMex (Carlos Ayala) Kip, played by https://www.instagram.com/lunsfordrichie (Richie Lunsford) Harold, played by https://instagram.com/pabsplace?igshid=1aay32dtsw7ly (Pablo Mares) Please https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/time-bouncers/id1490650740 (subscribe) and leave us a review, it really helps us out! Check out other good things coming out of https://www.lsocietycomedy.com/ (Fort Worth, TX).

Duration: 58 min

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